180+ Inspirational Examples of Minimal Web Design

The minimalist aesthetic is the visual representation of that philosophy. Minimalism uses a lot of white – or at least uniformly coloured – space. But don’t confuse uncluttered with boring. You must choose your layouts with care, otherwise your restricted palette of design elements will come across as dull instead of elegant.

Some of the sites have gone completely minimal without any effects apart from well laid out content, where as others choose to display the huge amount of content with sliders, drop downs and some very uniquely designed objects.

If you feel the need to change things up and try something new, check out these inspiring examples of minimal web design. Browse through this selection and discover new web designs.

1. Paninibay


2. Ava Sessions


3. Oak


4. Jac in a Box


5. Minerva Streetwear


6. Information Architects


7. Temple


8. Chad Miller


9. Paravel


10. One and Other


11. Friends of The Web


12. Dodge & Burn


13. Tender to Art


14. Epok Design


15. Glitty


16. Velvet Hammer


17. The Outpost


18. Callens


19. Buffalo


20. BVD


21. Leen Heyne


22. ChadMiller


23. Good Cop Bad Cop


24. Daniel Hopwood


25. Elite


26. iPad mini 4


27. Carlo Barberis


28. Gavin Potenza


29. NTN


30. Inside Discovery


31. Intersection


32. Johann Lucchini


32. Lapka


33. Mike Guss


34. McKennaJones



35. Ballet BC


36. Adam Mann


37. Kerem Suer


38. Daniel Benneworth-Gray


39. More Air


40. Ale De Carvalho


41. Control Films


42. Andrew McCarthy


43. Yaron Schoen


44. Scytale


45. Jim Ramsden


46. Ada Blackjack Shop


47. Oak Street Bootmakers


48. Refryed Design


49. CO OP


50. John Sparrow


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